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3. Wellness & Connections


If you’re under 25 you’re more likely to:

Feel lonely and rate mental health as below average.

28% rate their mental health as below average/poor vs. 12% of people aged 25+.

Although half of us are never or rarely lonely, the younger we are, the lonelier.

Often/always lonely, by age:
18-24 years:  30%
25-64 years: 15%
65+:   6%

Believe the arts help us appreciate other perspectives.

81% say the arts help them appreciate other perspectives and cultures vs. 66% of people aged 25+.

Like to scoot around.

26% of 18-34 year olds have used a scooter, but 88% of Calgarians have never tried it once.

Believe it’s important to understand an Indigenous perspective.

93% believe it’s important to learn about shared history from an Indigenous perspective, including the impacts of residential schools and intergenerational trauma vs. 73% of people aged 25+.

Have participated in a human rights movement.

17% participated in a human rights movement during the pandemic vs. 3% of people aged 25+.


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