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6. People & City


We feel better about our quality of life.

75% vs. 69% in 2019

Rate quality of life in Calgary as good/excellent.

79% vs. 68% in 2019

Think Calgary is a great place to raise kids.

59% vs. 44% in 2019

People over 65 think Calgary is a great place for seniors to live.

Seniors also feel good in general.

Over half of Calgarians (57%) are happy with their mental health but it jumps to 78% for seniors.

We don’t feel as good about our senior care homes.

39% of Calgarians wouldn’t choose a senior care home for themselves or their loved ones.

56% of our seniors wouldn’t choose to live in a senior care home or consider it for their loved ones.

Even physically distanced, we’re doing okay.

68% are happy with our social networks.
(62% in 2019)

45% have a strong sense of belonging.
(43% in 2019)

71% are able to cope with daily stress.
(69% in 2019)

And interestingly, those of us that work remotely have a stronger sense of belonging.

55% of Calgarians that work remotely have a strong sense of belonging vs. those who work outside the home (35%)


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