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4. Giving Back & Values


During the pandemic, we’ve shown up for each other.

volunteered, donated to a charity, or contributed to community building. More than half of us stayed connected through social media and virtual meet-ups.

We also feel good showing up for our city.

3/4 of us feel comfortable exercising our rights and freedoms politically and religiously.

We believe the arts have an important role to play.

74% believe a strong arts and culture scene is key to creating a vibrant city.

Only half of us think it makes a difference.

50% of Calgarians feel they have the ability to make a difference in our community. That number drops to 24% for Indigenous people.

We’re more engaged when we’ve felt unsafe or threatened.

Calgarians who often feel threatened or unsafe due to differences in skin colour, gender, religion, ethnicity, language or sexual orientation, are nearly 20% more civically engaged than people who generally don’t feel unsafe. 

The things we value most are:

Relationships: 72%

Health: 61%

Freedom: 34%

Money: 29%

What would make life better?

Diversity on all fronts - a more diversified economy and stronger cultural diversity.


What's Next:

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