Lasting Impressions

A Message From Our CEO

It is too soon to understand the impact the pandemic will have on our city, but there can be little doubt it will be a lasting one. As we reflect back on the ways this year has challenged us, it’s hard not to feel immense sadness for all that was lost, and for the hardships so many Calgarians have faced. But alongside that grief sits another feeling— GRIT .

Calgary is one of Canada’s most diverse cities with a long history of bouncing back from challenging times. From innovative entrepreneurs to creative artists, it is the tenacity of our people that makes our city by the Bow so resilient. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s how deeply it matters to connect over a common cause. The challenges can be divisive, but we are at our best when our choices are guided by compassion and consideration for others.

The 2021 Vital Signs report reflects the feelings of 1,000 Calgarians who shared their unique perspectives and impressions of life over the past year. Are they feeling stressed about their health? Are they worried about their finances? Is Calgary a good place to raise the next generation? Their responses provide a timely snapshot of life in Calgary and illuminate issues that need our collective support. Their feedback also reveals reasons to be optimistic about what our future holds.


Eva Friesen
President & CEO
Calgary Foundation