Most Imaginary Worlds

Artistic expression has been used to tell human stories for millennia, and the creators at Inside Out Theatre want to ensure everybody has access to performance art. The drama programs allow artists with developmental disabilities the opportunity to create an artistic collective and then produce and star in plays of their own. Artistic Director Col Cseke developed the company’s latest project, Most Imaginary Worlds, with that view in mind. Over three years participants will be paid a professional wage to develop a production. Cseke said he hopes to inspire children with disabilities to explore their own stories by seeing actors who look like them on a professional stage.

This vital priority issue area includes arts funding, attendance, availability, and engagement.

Municipal Arts Grants per Capita

Compare municipal arts grants per capita in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Toronto.
Toronto$8.90 Vancouver$19.36 Calgary$6.50 Edmonton$13.54 Winnipeg$7.02 Montreal$9.35

Perceptions of Calgarians

Based on Vital Signs Survey


agree that investing in the arts should be a priority for the local government.


believe that too much is spent on the arts (up from 34% over past two years.)


say that the arts do not offer communities any benefits.


agree that a strong arts and culture scene is key to creating a vibrant city.


of females say that the arts contribute to a sense of community (vs. 52% among males).


rate availability of arts programs and events as good/excellent.


rate affordability of arts programs and events as good/excellent.


Percentage of Calgarians attending each type of arts event in the past year (2016)

  • Live Music
  • 58%
  • Museum/Heritage Site
  • 56%
  • Live Theatre
  • 46%
  • Art Gallery
  • 37%
  • Local Festival
  • 36%
  • Art Show
  • 33%
  • Dance Performance
  • 27%

Engagement in the Arts

100% OF RESPONDENTS 2014 2016 69% 63% Creating Art 83% Media Consumption Attendance at anactivity or event
For Calgarians, the issue with arts is affordability rather than availability.
Since 2010, the number of arts seating has remained around 12,000 150,000 Approximate population increase since 2010:

The supply of arts venues has not matched population growth

Since 2010, Calgary's population has grown by roughly 150,000 - while seats have remained around 12,000.


Calgary's Vital Signs

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